Jane Pierce

Tarot Reader

In 1989 after a near death experience Jane’s psychic abilities became amplified. This experience led Jane on an intense study of the tarot and then astrology and Kabbalah that offered deeper meaning and interpretation of the Tarot.  Jane believes that tarot and astrology offer a language that allows people to see the deeper patterns in their life. And in knowing these patterns people are empowered to create a more intentional future.

With her over 20 years Tarot reading experience Jane tailors her readings to each individual.  She is well versed in many various styles and types of Tarot decks such as Rider Waite, Angel Tarot, Fairy Tale tarot for children, Kabalistic based tarot and others.

Jane became a Reiki Master in 1995 and is an ordained Tzaddi Healer/Counselor and Minister who performs weddings and infant blessings, as well as counseling for past-life memory integration. Call Jane for an appointment 248-321-6829 or send an email to tarotjane@gmail.com.

The music playing is from the CD "Journey To Atlantis" — available at The Sacred Sage.

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