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John Cappeluti is strongly connected to his Shawnee and Seminole Native American heritage through his grandfather who taught him what he knew about tribal life. He met his Native American guide Miliki at the age of 12 while playing on the sidewalk in front of his home. Miliki reached his hand out to him and in fear, that was instilled by religious teachings, John ran away. Fourteen years later after the death of John’s Grandfather Miliki reached out to him again. This time John accepted his presence and with Miliki’s guidance he began his study of Shamanism and channeling animal spirit guides.

John also comes from a family of Reiki masters and was encouraged by his mother to also study Reiki. During Reiki sessions animal spirit guides began to visit and communicate with John that they wanted to be introduced and assist the clients he was working with. John began including the spirit guide information in his sessions which his clients greatly appreciated. John only uses Reiki as a means to communicate with spirit animal guides in his readings.

In a power animal discovery reading John will connect with your protection spirit animal and an everyday assisting spirit animal guide and tell you what the animal is, its meaning, its name, power song and how to use the animal in your daily life for protection, guidance and assistance. Call John at 248-872-5977.

The music playing is from the CD "Journey To Atlantis" — available at The Sacred Sage.

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