Pinky – a non-physical being of light  Channeled by Diane Rothman

I am a non physical being of Light. I am called Pinky by the one through whom I speak. We do not require names where I am from but we understand that names are important to humans as a form of reference. Where I am from we do not distinguish from one another as we are one. We are one yet we are individual, many individuals yet we are one. We are all knowing with each other and flow as one therefore we have no use for names. As a further point of reference you may visualize me as three bright white orbs vibrating in a misty, pink and blue cloud. I travel to you from far away, from deep within the Universe. A place where energy is created. While your scientists have not discovered us as yet, they will.

I will ask you to suspend your belief that energy cannot be created or destroyed. I will ask you to suspend many of your belief systems as I/we will turn them right side up from where they are currently. Over the centuries of human existence your belief systems have been turned up side down and we are here to nudge you back to your nonphysical natural thought patterns and vibrational sensitivities. I am here because the one through whom I speak has asked for greater knowledge and understanding of how the universe works. As this information is passed on others have been intrigued and interested in further information. For what we are communicating resonates with your inner being and it carries a vibration of familiarity, a sense of coming home to who you really are. A reminder of what you already know and a redirect towards self fulfilling manifestation of your life path.

We understand creation and manifestation; we are the facilitators of energy in the universe. We have the power to create and you have the power to create. All beings in the Universe have the power to create. We are all made of the same stuff in different forms however, when you transition back to non physical you are much the same as we are. You are non physical beings who have chosen to work on this physical plane you call Earth for the purpose of manifestation and contribution to universal expansion. And this purpose is a form of energy creation.

What you manifest in your Earthly lives contributes to the growth and expansion of the Universe. The Earth and all of its inhabitants were created by the conscious co-creating of many beings like us and like your non physical selves. We and you said, “let us create a world where time and space exists and let us live in it for the purpose of creating. This world and our bodies will contain everything that is needed for creating. We will also choose to forget our purpose so that we may enter this physical plane with a clean slate in order to play with the physicality of it and create”. In the beginning it was easy because you were fresh and remembered your power and loved yourselves so. Over time doubts began to set in because you were used to immediate manifestation in the non physical realm.

Here, on the planet, there is a time delay. It is the period between having a desire and the manifestation of it that doubt and fear set in. However, the power of manifesting in this environment is tremendous and as manifestation occurs a tremendous burst of energy expands the Universe. The planet Earth is unique in the universe and you are powerful creative beings who are contributing greatly to the expansion and evolution of mankind and the Universe. The work that you are doing is great and it is impeccable. Our purpose is to not to tell you what to do or what to believe. We simply are here to direct those of you who have asked, toward cleaner more efficient manifestation through greater understanding of how the powers of the Universe work.

There are many of us with you at all times. All you need do is ask for guidance. This was also included in the creation of this world, that help would always be accessible. If you feel a tap on your shoulder but there is no one there, it is us. If you hear someone call your name softly but there is no one there, is it us. If you receive messages in your dreams, it is us. We are always present, always guiding, always supportive, for your work is our work and we love you so.  

I send you my good energy, light to guide you and love to fortify you,

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