Verna Latham hails from more than 4 generations of readers and healers, the earliest known documentation comes from her great grandmother Lotion Churchman, born in the early 1900's. Lotia was a gifted healer who possessed the power of what they call in the South the Laying on of Hands. People traveled for miles to be touched by this earth angel who though blind herself seemed to harness the gift to heal from a single touch of her hands. Together with the help of Divine Infinite Spirit Ms. Churchman was able to heal many that asked and were willing to receive her help. This legacy of healing has been passed through three generations of women to her Great Granddaughter Verna Latham who has worked passionately to develop, expand and enhance this gift.

Verna has a BS in Business Administration and works during the day as the Media Specialist/Librarian for a local k-8 grade school. She has studied several metaphysical modalities including, Rune Casting, Psychometry, Divination, Reiki, Sacred Geometry, Crystal/Chakra Healing, Channeling and Hypnotherapy. From her studies in these areas she has a certification in Sacred Geometry, Channeling, Hypnotherapy and she is a Reiki Master.

Ms. Latham combines her knowledge in these areas to give her clients a unique spiritual experience that will motivate heal and empower those willing to do the work for their highest and greatest good. She is a skilled Angel Reader who will work with you and your Guardian Angels to communicate messages to you that will help you understand your life purpose and make choices that will improve your quality of life.

Verna has partnered with Simeon an angelic high vibration non physical being who channels through her information that will help humanity expand and understand that through the power of fear or love you are the manifester of all of your experiences.

Contact Verna for more information by calling 248-469-9638, email: or call The Sacred Sage 248-987-2191.

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